Best Christmas Gifts For Girlfriend 2015

=>> Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Wife/Girlfriend 2015 Getting a Christmas gift for your girlfriend or special somebody is always really hard. We spend hours, days, and even weeks thinking about the perfect present to get them. we want a gift that is really nice and beautiful, but most important of all it needs to be […]

Power Paddle Boards Review – Oct. 2015

Humdrum, that’s what we’ve fallen into. Kids go to school, my husband and I go to work, and then on weekends we run errands and stay home; A real exciting life that’s what we had here. I was out to change all that. But how? That’s when I had a brilliant idea. It was a […]

Sony X850C Review – Oct. 2015

I know the keeping track of TV specs can be difficult, especially because the model numbers are difficult to understand and to compare. But today I want to talk about the Sony X850C and the 10 best reasons for buying this new flat screen model. The Sony X850C is only 55 inches, but for a […]

10 Best Drip Coffee Makers – Oct. 2015

Life only begins after that first cup of coffee. That’s why you need one of the best drip coffee makers available… and instant coffee just won’t get the job done. As a real coffee lover, you know that a cup of instant just isn’t going to do the trick. You can taste the difference between […]

10 Best Mental Focus Quotes

Today we all worry about mental focus and remaining mentally fit. We are concerned with preventing illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.  But we also require concentration to work or to do any type of artistic activit. This is of such a big concern that artists and writers also expound on the importance of mental […]

10 Fun Ways To Instantly Reduce Anxiety Levels

We all have moments of anxiousness from time to time, but for some people those occasions are more often than not, and sometimes severe enough to affect their everyday livelihood. No matter which of these anxiety levels you face, reducing them now can greatly improve your life and reduce the risk of health problems. While […]

10 Things You Gotta Have When Taking Latin Dance Lessons

Take more Chances, Dance more Dances, that’s the way life should be. Even when it does seem a little out of this world. So I dance. I do it for exercise and because its fun. But when my dance instructor David said, “Jennifer, come to Bachata tomorrow.” I thought; “Sure, no problem,” . It would be  fun […]

10 Best Apps For Your Android – Oct. 2015

Apple and related “i” products are pretty popular these days, but that isn’t to say that there aren’t still millions of people who prefer the tried and true Android system. If you happen to be one of these people, there are thousands upon thousands of awesome apps that you should consider adding to your phone. […]

10 Breathtaking Waterfalls You Should See

I really feel great, thinking about my 33 years of life in a hill station. Here I have seen mighty hills, snow covered mountains and enjoyed little fountains and waterfalls a lot. But, my thirst to see such amazing wonders of nature doesn’t end here. I am always in a search of places where I […]

10 Things You Gotta Know About Dating a Graphic Designer

Life is all rose colored. You’re in love and you see blues, pinks and whatever the color of that Apple logo is. You’ve hooked a designer and life is great. Now you have someone to decorate with, to choose new fashions, styles and cool new products. You feel more creative and have a newfound confidence […]